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Here at Threat Resolution Limited (TRL) we pride ourselves in the provision of pragmatic solutions to mitigating risk from Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) including Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) threats. Our primary capabilities include, but are not limited to the 5 areas of expertise:


We can provide Subject Matter Experts (SME) to organisations to fill capability gaps. Our SME can:

  • Provide preliminary guidance on UXO risk management. (Desktop Study)
  • Conduct an UXO risk assessments. (Hazard ID and Risk Assessment – HIRA)
  • Provide HSE UXO awareness training to project staff.
  • Develop policy and procedures for UXO risk management projects.
  • Act as independent QA/QC authority for third party UXO projects.

Desktop Study

Desktop Study

Desktop Study

TRL is experienced in conducting Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) desktop studies with the aim of quantifying risks from objective evidence. We can perform this function in both land and offshore environments. The output of the desktop study will guide the clients towards an appropriate risk-mitigation solution.

Offshore Explosive Ordnance Clearance

TRL is experienced in the clearance of explosive ordnance from all marine environments on both the seabed and sub-seabed.

Military wrecks often include numerous potential explosives threats such as surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missile system, ships magazines and deck cannons which are often loaded. TRL is particularly skilled in the survey of and clearance of Explosive Ordnance (EO) from wrecks.

Ammunition Management

Threat Resolution Limited  possesses a core of retired Ammunition Technical Officers (ATO) and Ammunition Technicians (AT) with extensive experience in the management of ammunition stockpiles. Our capability ranges from the assessment and monitoring of existing stockpiles to investigation of ammunition accidents to the design of new ammunition storage facilities.

Client Representative

Threat Resolution Limited provides experienced Client Representatives for 3rd party offshore UXO projects.  The aim of a Client Representative is to oversee the UXO Risk Mitigation work being carried out on behalf of a client by contractors or their sub-contractors. It is a significant role that if carried out correctly can be instrumental in the efficient running and successful delivery of a project in a subsea environment.


TRL is able to intervene on behalf of the client where unexpected UXO challenges occur

Preparing to recover an EOD Diver

Preparing to recover an EOD Diver

during engineering operations. Examples of this may be the late recognition of explosive threats or where a UXO Clearance Contractor is failing contractual expectations.

In such scenarios TRLtd’s reaction will be to deploy a consultant to conduct a rapid but objective assessment of what is required to get the clients project back on schedule. Thereafter, if required, we can further assist the client by deploying the necessary resources required to manage the risk mitigation solution on their behalf.

Contact us to find out how TRL can assist in your explosive risk challenge.

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