TRLtd Data Processors Offshore

TRLtd Data Processors Offshore

Survey typically forms a critical element of any offshore Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)risk management strategy.

TRLtd is experienced in conducting seabed and sub-seabed surveys to identify explosive

ordnance and other obstacles to offshore engineering activities. We utilise an array of differing technologies designed to match the engineering requirements of the client’s activities.

Our experienced Subject Matter Experts (SME) are capable of highly accurate analysis of survey data, eliminating non-explosive threats, minimising dive or ROV time on the seabed.

Coda Echscope Imagery of a Russian Built TNC-45 Patrol Boat

Coda Echoscope Imagery of a Russian Built TNC-45 Patrol Boat

We utilise an array of technologies including:

  • Side Scan Sonar.
  • Magnetometer arrays.
  • Sub-bottom profiling.
  • Coda Echoscope.
  • Hand-held sonar and magnetometers.

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