Project Management

Threat Resolution Ltd (TRLtd) Subject Matter Experts (SME) can fill capability gaps in companies and organisations to manage life cycle of Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) projects. These functions include:

  • Non-Technical Survey.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Documentation.
  • ERW contract management.

The Non-Technical Survey (NTS) is an initial desktop study the output of which quantifies the level of risk based on available information. It is the foundation of the strategic risk management plan.

The strategic risk management plan describes how the client should manage the risk. Based upon the level of risk defined by the NTS, the strategy may range from ERW awareness training to full clearance.

Typically, an ERW risk management project will require the production of a number of key documents including:

  • Non-Technical Survey.
  • ERW/UXO Risk Management Policy.
  • Quality Management Plan.
  • Contractor Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

The contracting strategy recommended by international Mine action Standards (IMAS) may involve up to three separate contractors in the event that ERW clearance forms part of the risk management strategy.

TRLtd ERW project management SME’s capabilities cover the full range of supporting services including geographical Information Systems (GIS).

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