Ammunition Stockpile Management

Inadequate Ammunition Storage

Inadequate Ammunition Storage

The safe, effective management of ammunition stockpiles and explosives is essential for safety, security and also for operational effectiveness. Efficient logistic and operational processes improve stockpile security and optimise safety.

Inadequate ammunition stockpile management and storage conditions results in the deterioration of ammunition leading to an unsafe environment for personnel and assets

Effective stockpile management also improves stockpile security, reducing illicit proliferation or theft and rapidly identifying losses.

In order to effectively manage munitions stockpiles properly, there must be a base understanding of the principles of stockpile management, and of the nature of the ammunition contained in the stockpile.

Threat Resolution Limited (TRLtd), through its employment of  ex-Ammunition Technical Officers (ATO and Ammunition Technicians (AT) possesses the capability to address all aspects of stockpile ammunition management to standards of that required by the United nations (UN) and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

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