Ammunition Incident investigation

Aftermath of mass explosion at an ammunition depot.

Aftermath of mass explosion at an ammunition depot.

The reporting and investigation of  ammunition incidents and accidents is a key component in ensuring the safety of the ammunition stockpile during storage, handling and operational use.

Accidents or incidents involving ammunition are a regular occurrence, and range from injuries to personnel and damage to property during small-scale demolitions to the mass-explosion of ammunition depots causing massive loss of life.

In the case of an accident of significant magnitude, the purpose of the investigation is to:

  • Conduct a needs assessment to identify resources to stabilise the situation.
  • Conduct a technical and/or non-technical survey on which to base a risk assessment.
  • Develop a remediation plan.

Threat Resolution Ltd, through its employment of ex-British Ammunition Technical officers and Ammunition Technician possesses the capability of rapidly responding to incidents to conduct the above functions.


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